Looking for a band for your Wedding, Gala, fundraiser, or other event?  Look no further.  Alabama’s best event band is here and ready to bring life to your party.  To The 9s is a 12 piece band with a horn section and 5 lead singers!  These diverse singers bring flexibility to the band’s performance like you’ve never seen!  The musicians making up this band have played thousands of private events over the past decade and now have combined forces to bring an unmatched experience to your event entertainment.  You’ve never seen a band like this!

The 12 piece band includes 5 lead singers, 3 piece horn section, as well as one of the best backing bands in the southeast!  This 12 piece plays a 3 hour non stop set!  That’s right. No breaks!  Once your guests feet hit the dance floor, they have no reason to step off.  We keep em moving!

If your looking for a smaller size band because of space or budgetary limitations, we offer a 9 piece and a 6 piece version of the band.  Same quality music in a smaller package!  If you have any questions at all, call us or email us today!